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Mbeya Polytechnic College has a long history. Founded as a tuition center for the purpose of conducting vocational training, to teach young people to become self employed. Today the College is very thankful to God for the step we have attained up to now.

This report tries to set clear priorities in the life of the College, explaining its history and achievements, problems and our expectations.

School officially started in 1992 in buildings rented from the then Chuo cha Ufinyanzi cha SIDO – Mwanjelwa. We started with the name of Mbeya

Artisans Centre and we provided vocational training in motor vehicles and electrical installation work.

Later we were advised by parents and people who love education to increase secondary school education to enable young people develop more

professionally. We changed the name of the school and called it Mbeya Artisans Secondary School. Our students were doing a technical examination conducted by VETA and the Qualifying Test from the National Examinations Council of Tanzania.